Canceled TV Shows 2016: Nashville, Castle, and More

Today is not a good day to be a TV fan (FYI, that’s pretty much be all of us). As the 2015-16 TV season comes to a close, networks are handing down renewals, cancellations, and switch-ups faster than one can possibly keep up with. That’s why we’ve gathered all the TV news you need to know in one handy cheat sheet. If we could only provide wine and cupcakes to get you through the changes, we would do that too.




1. Nashville (ABC): No, ABC. Just, no. Although the beloved country music drama has never been a sure bet for a renewal, things looked good as of late. Julianne was back where she should be, and ratings were on the rise. Still, Nashville was a show championed by ABC entertainment president, Paul Lee, but he was ousted earlier this year. The series finale will air Wednesday, May 25.


2. The Muppets (ABC): No surprise here, unfortunately. After one of the most anticipated TV premieres to date (it even beat Scream Queens in it s debut airing), the edgier Muppets never quite caught on, and even after it was re-tooled mid-season, failed to bring in improved ratings.


3. Castle (ABC): The writing was on the wall. Once Stana Katic walked away, there was simply no reason to let the show go on, but for die-hard fans of the series, this one’s going to be tough to overcome.

Canceled TV Shows 2016: Nashville, Castle, and More

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