Nashville’s Chris Carmack on the Show’s Finale and What’s Next for Him

It’s a bittersweet day to be a Nashville fan. The ABC drama comes to an end tonight after four roller-coaster seasons. “It’s been a wild and exciting ride here in Nashville,” says Chris Carmack, who plays Will Lexington on the show. Although Carmack and the cast taped what is now the series finale in mid-April, the studio behind Nashville-Lionsgate-is actively trying to find a new home for it on another network or streaming service. “Maybe a lucky network like Hulu will pick it up and give it a new life,” says Carmack. “We were very excited about the prospect of season five-and still are. Fingers crossed!”


Regardless of what happens, the future is a bright one for Carmack, 35. Recently engaged to Erin Slaver, he’s been earning rave reviews for his EP, Pieces of You. He’s also about to embark on the UK leg of the Nashville tour and will play two shows at CMA Fest in Nashville next month. Still, his Nashville family won’t be far away, even if tonight really is the series finale. “[We all got] together recently for dinner and drinks, and we just felt gratitude that we got to be part of all this,” he tells us. “There’s also that bittersweet [feeling] knowing that I don’t think we’ll ever experience another cast or environment or crew like this one. It’s just a special group of people.”


Before tonight’s finale, listen in as Carmack reveals secrets about the ending (don’t worry, we won’t reveal any spoilers!), what’s next in his career, and how his plan for being a lifelong bachelor totally changed.

Nashville’s Chris Carmack on the Show’s Finale and What’s Next for Him

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