Grammy Nomination for Chuck Loeb

Guitar Wizard, Composer & Producer Chuck Loeb Scores Grammy Nomination for 
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for Newest CD UNSPOKEN
Featuring Top 5 Billboard Single “Cotton Club”
“Being nominated for a Grammy is always such an honor and very exciting of course, but in the case of this particular CD, I feel a strong sense of pride. Some of my very favorite people were involved in this project. I feel like all of the heart, soul and talent shine in very special ways on this one. Heartfelt gratitude to all!”-Chuck Loeb
Unspoken is one of the best albums of the year.  In addition to the album, he also released the Chuck Loeb Signature model guitar by Sadowsky Guitars.  A new album and a new signature model guitar.  I would say 2016 was a good year for this multi talented instrumentalist.

The Grammys®  will Air Sunday, February 12 on CBS at 8pm EST

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Grammy Nomination for Chuck Loeb

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