Vanessa Williams Concert Tickets

Can you believe her debut album, The Right Stuff was released in 1988?  So back then, when you heard that she was releasing an album, what did you think?  I am willing to bet that you were lukewarm on the subject.  But when The Right Stuff was released, I was pleasantly surprised.  The title track was a great dance track, and Dreamin’ really established her as a serious recording artist.

Since then, Williams has released several hits, including The Comfort Zone, Running Back to You, and Save The Best for Last.

I also love the tracks she recorded with Babyface.  You Can’t Run and Betcha Never were not radio hits, but the two artists really work well together.

Fun Fact:  The song Girlfriend, by Pebbles was originally for Vanessa, but one thing led to another and BAM! Pebbles got the song.  That was a huge track, and it would have been interesting to see what would have happened to both of their careers if Vanessa would have recorded it.  Girlfriend was the song that launched Pebbles’ career.

Vanessa has done just fine, though, as she recorded the Disney classic song Colors of the Wind.  This song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1995.

Williams has also starred in several motion pictures, including Soul Food, Shaft, and Eraser.  She also has several Theatre roles under her belt.  Last, but not least, Williams has starred on the small screen – Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty.


Vanessa Williams Concert Tickets

Here are some information for Vanessa Williams concert tickets

Williams will perform two dates in California on January 13th and 14th

January 13th – Cerritos, CA

January 14th – Palm Desert, CA

On January, 21st, Broadway Up Close: In Conversation with Vanessa Williams, takes you through an evening of songs and stories with this talented artist.  This will take place at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Here are some additional dates for Vanessa Williams:

March 9th – Detroit, MI

March 10th – Washington, DC 

7:30 show

March 10th – Washington, DC 

10:00 show

March 11th – Newport News, VA

April 1st – Saint Charles, MO


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Vanessa Williams Concert Tickets

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