Moonchild New Album Voyager

Moonchild New Album VoyagerMoonchild will release their new album, Voyager, on May 26th.  This will be the third album release from the trio.  Be Free was released in 2012, and Please Rewind came out in 2015.  The Los Angeles based band has been gaining in popularity over the past two years.

I originally came across Moonchild while I was conducting research for the Summer Spirit Festival.  I ended up listening to All The Joy, and I immediately wanted to hear more.  You know, it is funny.  If you are learning about an artist for the first time, the first track you listen to is extremely important.  If you happen to hear a lesser track, you may move on to the next thing.

Check out All The Joy:

You like?  That’s what I thought!  The band describes it’s sound as a mixture of soul and new-school jazz.  I am not going to argue with that, as I am digging the smoothed-out sound.  Amber Navran has a distinct, airy vocal style, and it blends perfectly with the instrumentation.  All three band members, Navran, Max Bryk, and Andris Mattson, are multi-instrumentalists, and we are looking for some great things from the Moonchild New Album Voyager.

Here is the first single from the new album.  This one is called Cure:

Here is the track listing for Voyager:

  • Voyager (Intro)
  • Cure
  • 6am
  • Every Part (For Linda)
  • Hideaway
  • The List
  • Doors Closing
  • Run Away
  • Think Back
  • Now And Then
  • Change Your Mind
  • Show The Way
  • Let You Go

Moonchild New Album Voyager will be available on CD, Vinyl, and Digital.


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Moonchild New Album Voyager

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