Mattias Roos Movin’ Up Album Review

Swedish keyboardist Mattias Roos is set to release his full-length album, Movin’ Up on June 12. This is a ten track effort under the Skytown Records label. Roos takes care of the writing, arranging and production for the album. Special guests include Elan Trotman and U-Nam.

Mattias Roos Movin’ Up Album Review

The set opens with the title track, and Movin’ Up features the one of today’stop jazz guitarists, U-Nam. This is a great track to open the album. It is an uptempo song, and it shows off Roos’ piano chops. Take It Higher breaks it down a little, giving us a mid-tempo groove, and I nominate this track as the second single off the album.

Midnight Drive is up next. This is another uptempo song, and in addition to the fine piano lead, Roos gives us a synthesizer solo that adds some late ’80’s flavor to the track. If you want a nice, romantic track, then From Me To You is the one that you want. I especially like the sounds of the string parts. The mini guitar solo toward the end is not bad either.

This is one of those tracks where you can make up your own lyrics and sing along.

Go ahead, try that out. I know I am not the only one who does that!

The pace slows down a little with Just Between Us. Elan Trotman make a guest appearance on the track. Trotman’s saxophone plays nicely with Roos’ piano stylings. This is an R&B track that you will definitelyadd to your playlist.

You’re My Everything is another mid-tempo track, and it features trumpeter Markus Asplund. I have said this on many occasions, the music is always better with horns. Wind instruments just add a layer of goodness! Touch The Sky is a track that is all about the piano. This isthe song where you will appreciate Roos’ piano playing skills.

Sunset View brings up the tempo once again. Like the previous track, Sunset View also showcases Roos at his best. Stay For A Whileis an interesting track, as it has an airy sound. It is almost New Age in nature, but it still has a funk edge to it. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but once you hear the track, you will understand.

The set rounds out with City Nights, and ittakes us home with it’s infectious, uptempo groove. We definitely like the guitar solo. Overall, the guitar works really well with Roos’ piano style. We need more of that pairing on the next album.

Here is a quick video where you can sample a couple of tracks:

There aren’t a lot of good piano-based jazz albums right now. Movin’ Up is an album that fills that void. Look for it on your favorite listening program or radio station.

You can order Movin’ Up here:

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Mattias Roos Movin’ Up Album Review

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