Water treatment options

Water treatment options

I grew up in California, and quite honestly, I never knew that there were different types of water.

I mean, water is water, right?

Then I moved to Southern Nevada.

I moved into a rental house, and all of the fixtures had this mineral and lime scale deposit on them. All of the faucets had it, and you could totally see it inside the dishwasher.

I thought they were just dirty.

So I cleaned them all and did not think about it. After about a week of taking showers, you could just feel it on your skin. So I decided to do some research. It turned out that hard water was a real thing. All of the forums recommended that I get a water softener to correct this problem.

I go to my neighborhood big box store and see about getting a water softener for the house.

I talked to one of the reps and he was very knowledgeable about water treatment appliances.

I picked one up based on the size of the house, purchased some salt, and I was on my way.

Overall it was a simple, straightforward process.

Then I started thinking. What happens when a disaster hits an area, and the water gets contaminated? Flooding due to hurricanes immediately came to mind. If an area is flooded, the water can definitely be tainted. If this happens, you do not want to drink it, take a shower in it, or use it for anything else.

If you are in an area that was flooded, you will need some type of filtration system to clean that water, so that you do not have to worry about any contaminates that may lurk in your water.

There are many companies put there that treat water, so be sure to research this in your area.

In 2017, Texas was hit with a massive hurricane, and these people will definitely need to look into water treatment. For example, they may need to do a web search for water softeners Cypress TX, or water softeners Katy TX, as these two cities were hit pretty hard.

Clean water, it is a basic necessity, and we all need this.

Water treatment options